Draw People to Your Exhibition Stand

Having an exhibition stand at a huge fair can be daunting, there are hundreds of people walking past your stall, and meanwhile there are numerous competitors just a few metres away at another… Continue reading

National Trivia Day

Today is Friday 4th January and that means one, magical thing – It’s National Trivia Day. I, Oliver B, have decided that I will share some fascinating facts with you to help you… Continue reading

Who Wants A Pint For 50p?

The government are working very hard to make it as impossible as they can for you to get a pint for 50p, but here, we give you the chance to get a pint… Continue reading

Festive Foolery At Your Xmas Party

It’s that time of year again when every company has their office parties… but how can your office party stand out from the rest, what can you do to make your work Christmas… Continue reading

Scam Your Mates With Magic

Oliver B is a hugely popular magician in the London area, if you’ve not heard of him then where have you been? We caught up with him for just a few moments and… Continue reading

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No – It’s Oliver B Magic!!!

The latest craze to hit every event to be at in London is Oliver B Magic. Oliver B is a smooth and sleek magician who confidently chats with the celebrities and sports stars… Continue reading