Top 5 Christmas Presents for Young Magicians

If you know a child who wants to be the next Dynamo or David Copperfield, buy them something this Christmas which guarantees to sharpen their skills to be as good as any popular London party magician with this list of the best magic gifts on the market.

1. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

Containing 10 professional calibre tricks for beginners, this magic set contains spellbinding and classic tricks suitable for ages 8 and above. All of the tricks are easy to master, helping young magicians to improve their technique and confidence whilst amazing their friends and family. As opposed to the conventional cheap plastic sets, all the bits and pieces included in this kit are high quality and come with full instructions. Described by one customer as the closest thing to a professional magic set you can purchase for a child, this would make an ideal gift for a beginner this Christmas.

2. Marvin’s Magic Freaky Eyeball Illusions Set

This magical illusion kit contains over 13 tricks using nothing but magic eyeballs, where you can make them grow, shrink and even float to the wonder of whoever’s watching. As well as being a fun alternative to traditional magic kits, it’s also a great gift for kids who like all things gruesome. Suitable for all ages, this kit comes with detailed instructions and will provide kids with hours of fun whilst providing them with some petrifying party tricks for scaring parents.

3. Finger Chopper

An ideal stocking filler, this fun and clever contraption allows children to perform a trick where they appear to chop off the finger of a willing volunteer. Great for fooling kids and adults alike, this simple toy will be a staple piece for any child mad on magic and is suitable for those aged 4 and over.

4. Awesome Card Tricks Book – Robin Jackson

The much-used art of the London table magician, this book features over 30 fantastic card tricks, whilst also helping those who practise them improve  their sleight of hand and perform some seriously slick tricks. This book contains teaches those aged 7 and up comes not only with two packs of cards, but also with colour photos and clear instructions on how to pull the tricks off.

5. Grafix Mega Magic Hat

This kit contains everything a young magician would ever need to perform over 150 different tricks and illusions, as well as a top hat, deck of cards and magic wand. Perfect for ages 10 and over, there’s plenty of variety to be found in this bargain set, guaranteed to keep kids occupied for hours on end and offering great value for money this Christmas.