Tricks or Illusions?

tricks or illusionsWhen you book a Magician in London it’s always good to make sure you know what you’re getting and make sure the London Magician knows what you are expecting from him. If you’re looking for illusions then ask for illusions, if you’re looking for tricks then ask for tricks – but actually the world of magic goes much deeper than that.

You may decide that you are looking for a magician that can go round the tables at your party, entertain your guests between courses and excite and amaze them. In this case you are looking for a Table Magician in London.

However, you may decide that you want a Wedding Magician in London or a Corporate Magician in London who will mix and mingle while guests are waiting for the wedding photos to be taken or while guests arrive at your corporate event. A Close-Up Magician in London is great for this purpose. A close-up magician is able to go to your guests and keep the entertainment and enjoyment of the event going until the real party gets started.

When hiring a magician in London for your event or special occasion make sure that you get the right magician for the job!