Simon Cowell Praises Oliver B Magician

Simon Cowell Praises Oliver B MagicianSimon Cowell is known for his rude comments. He has given really demotivating comments on even the finest performances that are given in the shows he judges. It is a rare from Simon to give a positive comment to a performer that awaits his judgment after the performance.

One of the most disappointing things for a performer is to get really demotivating comments from his judge.

”There’s a certain irony for you singing a song about climbing when you actually fell off.” Simon said to Haeley Vaughn, one of the participants of the season 9’s semi-final rendition of ”The Climb”. This was highly disliked not only by the participant’s family and friends but by the critiques as well.

Another of his rude remarks includes the one where he literally tells the contestant that he shouldn’t have come back the second year in a row to participate in the show. He congratulated the participant for coming back to the show. However, right after that he said that he and other judges had made the right decision to eliminate the participant the first time around. He further said that he doesn’t see anything in the singer that could lead him to the next round of the show.

However, there was one man who got nothing else but Simon’s respect. His name is Oliver B. When Oliver B, a magician in London, performed at the Brit Awards 2013, he didn’t just leave the audience astonished but Simon Cowell as well who was also watching the performance. When Oliver B completed his act, Simon had the following words for Oliver B:

“I am genuinely amazed by what you have shown me.”

– Simon Cowell

Brit Awards 2013

Oliver B magician has become one of the few performers in England who got appraisal by Simon Cowell and in a way that Simon didn’t even hesitate saying the good words about the magician. Maybe Simon isn’t bad at all about distinguishing the talent!