Want Your Wedding To Be Remembered?

Want Your Wedding To Be Remembered

Weddings can be pretty exciting occasions; it’s reported to be the best day of a bride and grooms life and understandably the bride and groom want all their friends and family to be there to enjoy their very special occasion.

Sometimes the happy couple go a little bit further and decide that they want their nearest and dearest to be more involved in the wedding.

This idea was taken to the extreme by Laura Tolley of Missouri who decided she would have one hundred and three bridesmaids made up of ninety women and thirteen men, all in dresses. It seems that Laura wanted to make her wedding a little bit extra special by getting it reported in the Guinness Book of World Records. Sadly the Guinness Book of World Records refused her record breaking attempt due to the fact the bridesmaids were not all wearing the same style or colour of bridesmaid dresses.

However there are other ways of making your wedding stand out from the crowd, ways that do not involve over one hundred bridesmaids!

Why not enquire into hiring the services of a wedding magician in London to help make your wedding stand out from others.

Magicians in London can attend your wedding and make it one to remember for the bride, groom, wedding guests and however many bridesmaids you choose to have!