Most Wanted Types of Magicians of Year 2013

Most wanted magicians of 2013

Trends change with time and the same can be said for magicians and their illusions. There was a time when Harry Houdini was the greatest act in the world. He wasn’t a traditional magician but an escape artist who took his death defying feats to new heights. Then came David Copperfield and other magicians who mesmerized fans all over the world. Though these magicians worked on a grand scale with massive and death defying illusions, others operate on a smaller but no less impressive level.

Corporate Magicians

Corporate magicians aren’t just capable performers; they have worked on their dress sense, body language and communication skills. Corporate magicians are illusionists of highest calibre and are preferred by huge companies, organizations and individuals who wish to add a sensational act to their events.

Close-Up Magicians

Close up magicians are currently one of the most sought after in the world of magic. There are few who can compete with a close up magician in London when it comes to skill and finesse as they pull off impressive tricks on a one to one basis.

Street Magicians

As the name suggests, a street magician’s audience consists of people on the streets. These magicians tend to execute a combination of close up and occasionally large scale illusions in public places.

Mentalism Experts

Mentalism deals with mind reading, divination or mental manipulation and mentalism experts know how to manipulate a spectator’s mind. Mentalism is generally performed for small or medium-sized audiences but a number of magicians have performed similar illusions in front of hundreds or even thousands of spectators. Some of the most famous mentalism experts are Banachek, Oliver B, Kreskin, Derren Brown and Uri Geller.

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