There’s Good Magic and There’s Rubbish Magic!

There’s Good Magic and There’s Rubbish Magic!A story that recently entered the newspapers in America is the tale of a man who paid $500 to a wizard so he could be made invisible. The man then went into a bank in Tehran and went around stealing money out of people’s hands, bags, purses and wallets believing that the wizard had in fact made him invisible and that nobody could see him.

Unsurprisingly, the wizard was a fraud and the man was not invisible and therefore easily caught by the security guards and the bank, he was then sent to prison by the police.

When you book a London Magician for your event it is unlikely you would get a magic trick of this terrible standard but it is good to check out the Magician in London before you book him for your event. You want to make sure that the magician you choose will not make you a laughing stock.

This can be done by checking out the magicians references, having a look on the website for a show reel of work they have done and speaking to the magician to ensure you have chosen the best magician around.

If you do a little research into the magician you are choosing to book you will be sure to find that they will make your event a huge success!