What Kind of Magicians to Avoid While Hiring a Wedding Magician

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Weddings are meant to be remembered. An increasing number of wedding planners hire magicians to add some unique entertainment to proceedings. However, it is not an easy task to find the right wedding magicians and what follows is a list of attributes which you should look out for when hiring a wedding magician in London.

Magicians with Bad Sense of Humour

Magicians with bad sense of humour can ruin even the most beautiful weddings. Wedding magicians need to be very delicate about what they say from start to finish. The magician shouldn’t say anything that might offend the guests even while joking around.

Stage Magicians Who Only Prefer Doing Tricks from a Distance

Stage magicians should be avoided when it comes to wedding magician hire. Magicians who are particularly specialized in stage magic usually prefer doing tricks and illusions from a distance and tend not to interact too frequently with an audience.

Illusionists Who Can’t Do Table Magic

Without table magic a magician may struggle to entertain, especially at weddings. Since every wedding venue has a lot of tables and chairs, it is a must for them to have a number of table illusions up his sleeve.

Casual Magicians/Non-Corporate Magicians

Casual magicians who just put on a jeans and t-shirt aren’t suitable for a wedding event. You need someone who knows how to dress up for a wedding performance. This is why corporatemagicians are best for wedding events. Such magicians would always show up in a nice tuxedo, polished shoes and hair nicely gelled.

Thus, the magician you should hire has to have a good sense of humour and a pleasant personality. Your wedding magician in London should also be able to perform both close up magic and table magic in order to entertain the guests. The name of Oliver B is listed in the top slot of magicians who hold all these qualities which is why you can chose him to make your wedding as ideal as it can be.