Magic Up-Close

close up magicianThe art of making magic and illusions is a vast field. In this field magicians amuse the audience through different acts that they perform. One such type of performance that they conduct is table magic.

It is a type of magic performed in a setting where the audience is only about ten feet away from the magician, who is sitting at a table. Numerous magicians have excelled in this particular type of magical act.

The most frequent and popular tricks that are done by a table magician are card and coin tricks, though other small objects are also occasionally used like bottle caps, sugar cubes, sponge balls, pebbles, pens and cups.

Table magic is very popular among the crowds because the most important test that magic has to pass through is authenticity. The viewers only trusts what they see up close and will not fully believe what is projected on a screen.

Table magic allows people to be the judge themselves to see the illusion first hand and discover the truth behind them. When people see magic occur right before their eyes then the amusement and fascination is much greater. Table magic is what encourages people to attend magician’s performances and see illusions live.

A very famous magician of London who has mastered the field of table magic is John Allen. He has earned a great name in this profession with his ability to wow audiences from the corporate and private sectors from around the world. He has received many awards and has the noble status of being England’s only World IBM Close-up Magic Champion.  He has invented several table magic tricks that are replicated by magicians all across the globe.

Table Magic is also performed on a large scale because from professionals to amateur magicians can perform it, it can be done from a street level to an arena. This type of magical act is so diverse that it withholds many aspects of magic and many scales on which it can be performed.

Table Magic is also a very entertaining and unique form of art which is greatly appreciated in social gatherings and weddings. It is a great source of enjoyment for others and something out of the ordinary.