Pricing For Magicians in London

pricing for a london magician

Whether you’re looking to hire a private party magician in London, a corporate magician in London or even a wedding magician in London you will want to know how much a London Magician costs and in this article we have briefly explained the pricing structure of magicians in London.

It is important to know that there is not a single magician who is able to charge the same price for every event he does, the price will vary due to travel, tax, materials, and the time taken to get to and from one performance to the next.

You need to be cautious of cheap magicians, sometimes a magician charges low prices because they feel they are not good enough to charge higher amounts, this makes it tricky because if the magician doesn’t have any confidence in himself, why should you?

However, it is important to remember that there may be another reason he is coming in lower than others, for example the date and time you have booked may just around the corner from a venue he is working at the same day – therefore there is no additional travel or mileage fees. The magician might also be keen to work at the venue where the event is as he has not been there before, or it may be that the magician lives near the venue. If you think the magician is cheap, don’t be afraid to ask why!

You will also find that the more experienced the magician, the more expensive he will be. This is because an amateur magician may be using the money earned as ‘pocket money’ whereas an experienced magician works as a magician full-time.

You also need to remember that if you are looking for a close up magician in London who performs at top class events, you will not be able to find a magician with this experience in the lower end of the price market.

The main point is that when you speak to the magician and you feel he is really the one for your event it won’t matter how much he costs, as you know he will ensures the event is remembered long after it has finished.