Reaching for the stars

Mirka-and-Roger-FedererOliver B leaves a trail of confusion and amazement amongst his fans, including various celebrities that he has happened to encounter in the past.

His popularity among the stars is currently sky-high as the latest victim of his collection of unimaginable tricks was none other than tennis player Roger Federer who was left stunned and speechless at the hand of Oliver B.

In fact the celebrity was so impressed by the array of magic tricks that Oliver B had to offer that he insisted that the magician wait until his wife, Mirka Federer, returned as he knew she would love it just as much as he did.

Not only did the couple admire Oliver’s gift, Andy Murray also watched in perplexity at the magician’s performance and agreed that it was an incredible act. He even admitted to being in complete astonishment to how the trick of the eye was actually achieved.

Full of talent and potential, Oliver B is determined to keep reaching for the stars by performing at more celebrity banquets and occasions as a close up magician in London.

His available services also include weddings, parties and corporate events to ensure that the British public all get a taste of his exceptional talent.

By having Oliver at your event, your guests will be encouraged to engage with the act as well as with each other, making it the perfect ice-breaker activity that your occasion needs to be successful.