W Lounge Presents Oliver B Magic

bar partyAre you tired of those same old bar parties every weekend or those pay per views that don’t bring any excitement to your life? What if we tell you that a luxury hotel near you has planned something for you that would bring a whole new level of thrill, each Tuesday night?

It is not just another dance party or music event at a lounge but one of the most famous magicians in London visits the hotel to entertain and astonish the guests with his jaw dropping illusions. Yes, we are talking about Oliver B.

Oliver B is all about bringing unreal illusions to life. The magician does not just specialise in card tricks or bringing out rabbits from the hat but he has his own definition of magic. His tricks are unique and will leave you speechless for days. Oliver B has also managed to ‘wow’ celebrities too. Paris Hilton, Roger Federer, Keith Lemon, Andy Murray and Jon Bon Jovi are some of the many fans who admire his work.

W-Lounge-BarSince Oliver B’s arrival at the W Hotel, London he has attracted huge crowds, creating one of the best nights since the hotel’s opening. Connections at the W Hotel have said that Oliver B brings the audience a fantastic, fascinating and feel-good performance that is loved by everyone.

You can experience all the excitement and amazement that Oliver B brings to the table each time he shows up at W Lounge. Take your friends or family members to the W Lounge this Tuesday at 7pm to enjoy some proper entertainment.