National Trivia Day

Today is Friday 4th January and that means one, magical thing – It’s National Trivia Day. I, Oliver B, have decided that I will share some fascinating facts with you to help you celebrate National Trivia Day.

Triva 2

Did You Know – The most dangerous trick in the world is the Bullet Catch, this is a trick where a bullet is fired at a magician and the magician catches the bullet I his teeth. This magic trick has killed twelve magicians and wounded many, many more!

Did You Know – Orson Wells had a lifelong interest in the world of magic. During the second World War he presented the US Armed Forces with his very own magic show, this involved famous stars of the time including Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich.

Did You Know – Only 2 magicians have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Harry Houdini received his after his death and David Copperfield was the first living magician to receive this honour.

Did You Know – John Gardner was a professional magician before he became an author, he wrote the last 14 James Bond thrillers.

Did You Know – David Copperfield was named on the Fortune 500s list, making him the highest paid magician on record.

Did You Know – The fastest ever magic performance took just 2 minutes and the magician, Dr Eldoonie completed 255 individual tricks in this time.

Did You Know – The Worlds Strongest Magician on record is Ken Simmons, he can bench press over 500lbs.

Happy National Trivia Day one and all, I hope it’s a magical one!