Who Wants A Pint For 50p?

epintThe government are working very hard to make it as impossible as they can for you to get a pint for 50p, but here, we give you the chance to get a pint of beer or a large glass of wine for just 50p, even in London!

Go up to someone, anyone, in the pub who has a fresh and untouched drink. Tell them that you can empty their drink and then, by just clicking your fingers you can refill the glass again.

Explain to them you will do this without touching the glass, without moving from the table, without having any involvement from anyone else in the pub and even add that when the glass is empty they can hold it under the table or cover it with a beer mat.

Tell the stranger that you would like to put a 50p bet on the fact you can do it.

The stranger you have approached will be unlikely to believe you, but for a 50p bet they will more than likely be happy to give your bet a whirl.

Take the 50p from them, pick up the glass and drink it all up in several long sips. Compose your face to a serious, intense and ‘in the zone’ style.EmptyPintGlass

When you have enjoyed the drink at your own leisurely pace then put the glass down and tell the stranger you are now ready to re-fill the glass in front of their very eyes.

Place the glass in the centre of the table, concentrate intently on the glass and slowly raise you hand and click your fingers. Of course nothing will happen. Try and look confused and try again, once again nothing will happen.

Then look at the stranger and tell them that they win and give them their 50p back.

You have then had one drink for 50p through using magic in London!