Scam Your Mates With Magic

Oliver B is a hugely popular magician in the London area, if you’ve not heard of him then where have you been? We caught up with him for just a few moments and we asked him if he had any tricks he could share with us thatOli we could show our mates down the pub. This is what he had to share with us;

This one is really simple and nearly always catches your mates out. Tell them you will ask them three questions, they will be simple questions and if they get all three wrong they have to buy you a drink.

Then add that if they think any of the questions are unfair they can cancel the bet all together and all agreed bids will be removed.

Your friends will more than likely jump at the chance, knowing if they get all three correct you will buy them a drink!

Question Number 1 – Ask your friend to not look at their watch and then ask him / her to tell you if the watch has normal numbers or roman numerals?

Question Number 2 – Still not looking at their watch ask them to tell you if the watch has a number 8 on it (you will find most watches show 12, 3, 6 and 9 but not the numbers in between).

You can then allow your friend to look at their watch and answer it for themselves. Seventy percent of people I ask fail at least one of these first two questions.


3 – Ask them to look away from their watch again, bearing in mind they looked at their watch just a few seconds ago, ask them what the time is! Chances are they will not even have noticed and then you my friend have blagged yourself one free drink!


This trick is really simple, we tried it ourselves in the office and it worked every time. I just wish I had arranged to get a free pint of them instead of doing it for research purposes. I would have

been one very happy, very merry and extremely tipsy writer!