Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No – It’s Oliver B Magic!!!

The latest craze to hit every event to be at in London is Oliver B Magic. Oliver B is a smooth and sleek magician who confidently chats with the celebrities and sports stars of the world while dazzling them with his smile and superb tricks.

If you have not heard of Oliver B then you will have to ask yourself where on earth you have been, this guy has been schmoozing with stars at all sorts of events all over London.

For example Oliver B was at the ATP World Tennis Championships where he showed Roger Federer his tricks. Roger was amazed and insisted that Oliver B stay around until his wife came back as she would love to see it. Andy Murray agreed that what he had seen was absolutely ridiculous and had no idea how the trick of eye was done.

Oliver B popped by to Paris Hiltons perfume launch at Selfridges and she was stunned by what Oliver B showed her shouting “How the hell did you just do that?”

While Tinchy Stryder was at Capital / Choice FM Radio Oliver B stopped by and showed him what he could do. Tinchy loved it querying if this man of mysterious magic was even human!

Oliver B bumped into Keith Lemon in a very well-known restaurant in London and Keith was so impressed with what he had seen, finding the magic unbelievable.

Oliver B has become such a well known name on the lips of those that know that he found himself invited to a private event in Cannes, France for Jon Bon Jovi. Jon Bon Jovi said that Oliver B had literally made his day!

When Rachel Stevens met Oliver B at a charity event for Great Ormond Street she was really impressed with what Oliver B showed her stating that it was seriously amazing.

Oliver B is a well-known man in the London world and on a recent night off he popped into Nandos for a snack and JLS called him over to see some tricks. Aston felt that the tricks that Oliver B did were crazy and Orishe added that Oliver B was a very talented man.